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Aims and Ethos

Nottingham High School

We are an academic community where intelligent children from a wide variety of social backgrounds are given the maximum opportunity to strive for the highest standards.  

We want children to develop their individuality and we must identify their talents in an environment where they feel safe and valued. Ours is a diverse, down-to-earth school which thrives on curiosity, challenge, encouragement and kindness; where everyone listens and responds to each other. 

At Nottingham High School we:

  • Build a culture of mutual respect and tolerance to equip our pupils with the skills necessary to live in a diverse society.
  • Expect and achieve high standards in academic work and in behaviour, valuing each pupil’s individual journey.
  • Maintain open communications between parents, staff and pupils to foster a partnership of learning.
  • Provide a creative and vibrant environment through a variety of opportunities and activities to allow every pupil to explore and experiment as they learn.
  • Provide a rich, stimulating and balanced curriculum that builds skills of independence, confidence and emotional resilience, through lessons which are challenging, engaging and exciting for all, to encourage an enjoyment of and love for learning.
  • Provide outstanding pastoral care.
  • Value and nurture each pupil as an individual, through our friendly, supportive and caring ethos. Celebrate the effort, achievements and talents of all.