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You want your child to receive excellent results, but a great school should also be a place of curiosity, a place of individuality, and a place of fun. Our #SoMuchMore campaign highlights the interesting and varied hobbies of our students, staff and alumni.

So Much More: Featured Profile

Mr Nixey
Teacher of Religious Studies


What is your role at Nottingham High School?

I'm a teacher of Religious Studies and this is my second year at Nottingham High School.

Tell us about your hobby.

On the face of it, my #SoMuchMore fact seems a little bit boring. I’ve written my blog, ‘The Michael Thomas Moment’, for just over two years now. I generally focus on my team, Notts County, but I also write pieces about big topics that crop up in the world of football.

I used to write similar things as a teenager as I loved writing, football and in particular Notts, but when I went to University and started teaching I didn’t have the time to invest in it. I was inspired to get back into writing, set up my own blog and Twitter account for it because of a particular football podcast I listen to: The Football Ramble. They started out recording in their kitchen about 10 years ago and now they’re the most downloaded and listened to football podcast in the country.

Whilst I’m not quite on that level (yet…) I have a decent number of regular readers and have been live in the studio on BBC Radio Nottingham’s Matchtalk radio show on a Monday evening that reviews the weekend’s local football.

I love writing about a topic I’m so passionate about and engaging with other people who share and oppose my views. Getting the opportunity to play football pundit live on the radio sat alongside ex-professional footballers is also a real dream come true. Move over Neville and Carragher…