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Junior School Admissions

Nottingham High School

Entry into the Junior School (Years 3 - 6) is by assessment.

The first stage of the entrance procedure is to complete our online enquiry form.

Admission to the School at this stage assesses your child’s ability in the core subjects of Mathematics and English, including reading, along with some measures of general ability. The work is set at National Curriculum ability levels appropriate for the age group and these assessments should be seen as a positive opportunity for your child to show their ability.

A member of staff will also spend some time in an informal interview with your child where we will be looking for your child’s ability to listen and speak freely with enthusiasm on a variety of topics of their choice. Spending the day in the Junior environment will give staff the opportunity to assess your child socially as well as within the working environment. The children will be provided with refreshments.

Children wishing to join the Infant and Junior School are assessed only once each academic year. If children are unsuccessful in this attempt, they can reapply to sit the entrance assessment in the following year and subsequent years if they wish.

For all children who join the School in Reception, transfer from Year 2 to Year 3 is automatic unless, in the opinion of the Head of the Infant and Junior School, a child has not attained a sufficiently high standard of work or conduct to enable them to benefit from continuing their education at the School. However, all children are required to sit the Junior School entrance assessment for benchmarking purposes.

For entry at all levels we would advise you to come to visit the School. Individual visits around the School can be made on any working day.

To register your child for the entrance assessment, please download and fill in our Application Form and send it to or post to Admissions, Nottingham High School, Waverley Mount, Nottingham, NG7 4ED.

The School is not licensed by the UK Border Agency to sponsor pupils from outside the European Economic Area (or accept transfers from other schools who can), and by making this application you confirm that you and your child have the right to enter, live and study in the UK for the duration of the education offered by the School. 

Once we receive your completed registration form we will contact your child's current school for an academic reference ahead of their entrance assessment.