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Class Year Giving

Nottingham High School

Support Nottingham High School through our ‘class gift’ programme. A class gift is a collective donation raised by a year or friendship-group to support a bursary within the School. By raising funds for bursaries, class gifts help us make a difference to the lives of talented pupils, and through them to have a positive impact on the world we all live in. Reconnect and reinforce your relationships with your classmates, as well as strengthen your bond with the School through class giving. Participate and become a committed stakeholder of Nottingham High School and contribute to its continued success.

Leave a lasting legacy and help us establish a tradition of year and friendship group giving. This is an investment that will support a number of pupils in School and will benefit the whole Nottingham High School community. Class giving is sustainable, continuing year on year as new groups establish their own collective gifts. Invest in our future; help us attract the brightest pupils and give talent the opportunity it deserves. Stay connected with your classmates and the School and share in our future. Help us flourish by participating in your class gift.

At present it costs £105,000 to put a pupil through School for 7 years. If 35 people from your class year donate £36.00 per month for 7 years it would put one pupil on a full bursary through school.

Why not become a class champion and inspire your classmates to give something back in the form of a lasting legacy? Each class gift is organised by an Old Nottingham or group of ON volunteers known as class gift champions. These champions facilitate all the activity and participation for the cause. From determining the fundraising goal, to inspiring fellow classmates to give, champions drive the effort and inspire their cohort to achieve their designated class gift goal.

Benefits of being a champion

• You are the beating heart of a worthwhile initiative

• Your network of contacts is extended

• You will be helping Nottingham High School flourish

Simple steps to set up a class gift 

• Get in touch with the Development Office to help set up your campaign

• Identify classmates who will get involved

• Determine a fundraising target amount

• Build your network and spread the word

• Get fundraising

Contact us:

Development Office
Nottingham High School
Waverley Mount

Tel: 0115 8452208

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