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Infant School

Nottingham High School

At Nottingham High School, we believe every child has the right to learn and grow in a caring environment where they feel safe and secure. This is especially true at our Infant School, Lovell House, as our pupils take their first steps in our School community.

From their first day at Nottingham High Infant & Junior School, a love of learning will be stimulated in an innovative and creative environment to allow all children to become lifelong learners. Achievements, effort and progress are celebrated throughout the School, allowing your child to flourish and to reach their full potential. 

Children are nurtured, praised and supported whilst they are inspired and encouraged in their learning. At Lovell House, children learn literacy and numeracy skills through purposeful play activities, using interactive learning resources, together with fun and competitive games. We teach understanding and respect for others, equipping pupils to live in our diverse society. Our extensive facilities at the Infant, Junior and Senior School, with support from specialist teachers, give the children many extended learning opportunities.

Beyond the classroom, the school offers an excellent range of extra-curricular activities and trips and visits, giving breadth to the curriculum. Our pre-school and after-school care allows parents flexibility at the beginning and end of each day.