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Junior School

Nottingham High School

As in our Infant School, warmth, kindness, courtesy and respect for others are qualities that are demonstrated and expected in equal measure at our Junior School, where we balance our academic work with sport, adventure, creativity and learning to live and work with others. We continue to nurture, praise and support our pupils whilst inspiring and encouraging them in their learning.

Nottingham High School is well known for its academic success but we also place the greatest emphasis on our pastoral care which underpins our academic excellence. We care for, acknowledge and encourage each child’s ability in all aspects of the curriculum including art, drama, music and sport. Every child is given the opportunity to play a musical instrument, to sing in our choir and also to perform on stage at least once during each academic year. We nurture individuals and are very proud of our well rounded pupils.

Ours is a school of challenge and motivation; we work hard and enjoy our play. We support effort and acknowledge progress as well as attainment.  Children are encouraged to have inquisitive minds and a positive approach to life and to learning.

We encourage a growth mindset in our pupils and encourage them to recognise their own individual learning journey. This builds optimism for the future, which with determination and guidance from dedicated staff, will ultimately bring success.