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Pastoral Care

Nottingham High School

Your child’s wellbeing matters to us as much as it does to you. Only if your son or daughter is happy and confident will he or she make the most of the doors that are opened and form lasting friendships.

Communication is key in this. Your child’s class teacher, who will know them best, will be your first point of contact, available either in person, by phone or by email. We will also keep in contact through reading records and later, your child’s homework diary.

In the Infant & Junior School your child will be welcomed into a house community to which he or she will belong until leaving the Senior School. Your son or daughter will form strong bonds with fellow housemates through the inter-house competitions, developing team spirit and a sense of belonging in equal measure.

Tutors and Houses

On joining the School, your child will become a member of one of the four Houses.  They will stay within the same House for the duration of their time at the School and will be in the same house as any family members that currently attend or have attended the school. Each House is named after someone who had connections with the High School and who served with distinction in the First World War. Houses are an important focus for pupils in the School, they build team spirit and provide the framework for many sporting and cultural competitions.

The Houses are as follows:

Infant SchoolJunior SchoolSenior School

Each House has a set of House Tutors who provide an additional pastoral support for your child.

Class and Form Teachers

In the Infant and Junior School, your child’s Class or Form teacher is the main pastoral support for him/her. They are responsible the day to day care of your child. They will see your child every day and build a close and supportive relationship with them. They liaise with other teachers who teach your child to ensure that their pastoral care and academic progress are consistent.  The Class/Form teacher is the first port of call for any parent who has a concern and we encourage regular contact between parents and Class/Form teachers either by email, telephone, formal or informal meetings.


Assemblies are held regularly throughout the week and are taken by a variety of staff including the Head and the Deputy Heads. Assembly formats vary, but often include a hymn from the Christian tradition followed by a talk. Very occasionally parents ask the Head to excuse their child from any Christian part of the proceedings.

The highlight of our assembly programme is the weekly Achievement Assembly which takes places in both the Infant and Junior School. In the Infant School academic effort is rewarded with a ‘Star’ certificate and good behaviour or conduct with a ‘Squirrel’ certificate and the opportunity to take home ‘Nutty’ the School squirrel for the weekend. 

In the Junior School, we award a ‘Pupil of the Week’ certificate for outstanding academic effort or behaviour. Pupils are welcome to bring in medals, certificates and trophies awarded by outside clubs and groups so that we, as a school community, can celebrate their success.

The content of the Achievement Assemblies is shared on the Head’s weekly blog.

Early Bird & After School Care

The Infant School offers the Early Birds provision from 8.00am until 8.30am, when pupils are supervised in Reception class or on the playground.  Junior pupils are welcome to the Junior School yard at 8.00am, where there is supervision.

A choice of hot and cold breakfast is available in the Senior Dining hall from 7.45am. All staff, parents and pupils are welcome to use this facility although it is not supervised for Infant and Junior pupils.

We also run an After School Club in both the Infant and the Junior School for children whose parents are unable to collect them at the end of the normal day. Pupils are welcome to bring a ‘packed tea’ and they are also given a drink and a biscuit. Each session is planned and managed by the After School Club Manager and her Deputy. Pupils are supervised carefully and guided to participate in a variety of activities including; puzzles, crafts, indoor/outdoor sports and quizzes. Parents are able to leave their children in the Infant After School Club until 4.15pm without charge and 4.30pm at Junior School. Infant After School Club finishes at 5.30pm and Junior After School club finishes at 6.00pm.