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Head Boy and Head Girl Welcome

Nottingham High School

In our roles as Head Girl and Head Boy, our focus is to maintain the excellence of Nottingham High School, whilst still ensuring that we continue to have a welcoming and grounded ethos.

Although the school is renowned for its high academic achievements, the vast opportunities given to students across the board are second to none. The range of facilities we have at Nottingham High School allows students to explore a variety of opportunities in many different areas, for example, our swimming pool, an extensive library and our purpose built sixth form centre. In addition to this, we offer a number of societies and clubs which students are encouraged to get involved in to hone valuable skills, for example the debating society, eco-schools and chamber choir, among others.  These skills, along with the driven attitude that the school instils in students, are vital for setting us on the path to achieve greatness in any desired field.

This is encouraged by our tutors who will nurture us throughout our time at the school, so a close bond can be developed. Notably, in the tutor systems, the integration of years allows friendships to be formed between different years to enhance the communal ethos of Nottingham High School. Our school focuses on building a strong community which extends to the Infant and Junior School, which we aim to emphasise during our time as school captains. We want to ensure that any student of Nottingham High School (Infant, Junior or Senior) feels they can contact us personally so that the Senior Leadership Team really is representative of the student voice. 

As we go into our third year of coeducation, we are pleased to say that the integration of girls has been smooth and successful and all students have been given equal opportunities. The dynamic of the school has only been strengthened since all years have undergone coeducation and it has helped reinforce the tolerant and inclusive attitude of the school. The priority within Nottingham High School of student well-being and happiness has undoubtedly made the transition from single sex education much more straightforward, which we must attribute to our strong pastoral system.

- Lottie Clark and Bilal Qureshi


Head Girl: Lottie Clark    Head Boy: Bilal Qureshi    Deputy Head Girl: Shruthi Madhusudan    Deputy Head Boy: Adam Fear