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1513 Society

Nottingham High School

The 1513 Society launched in September 2017 and is a specific programme for students identified as academically Gifted and Talented. This takes its name from the foundation date of the School. The programme consists of a series of taught sessions focusing on developing a range of skills, and lectures, intended to develop and enhance students’ breadth of knowledge and intellectual curiosity. As the programme develops, it may also include a range of educational and cultural visits to local museums and events.

Students have been selected for the 1513 Society based on a combination of their performance in class, results in School examinations, their baseline data and School scholarships. There are separate groups for Year 7, Years 8/9, Years 10/11 and Sixth Form, and every group will meet once per half-term. The composition of the groups will be reviewed at the end of the year, and through our tracking of students’ progress and performance we will ensure that academically high-achieving students who will benefit from the scheme the most will have the opportunity to be involved.

For many years, there have been a range of opportunities provided in School for gifted and talented students through our music, sport and drama provision; while all academic departments provide extension opportunities for those who excel in their subjects through their Schemes of Work and extra-curricular opportunities. The 1513 Society is intended to complement and enhance the excellent and varied work that already goes on in so many of these areas, it is not there to replace our Oxbridge provision for example. Its focus is on developing students’ breadth of knowledge and enhancing skills that will be applicable in all other areas of the curriculum, rather than acting as a substitute or replacement for extension opportunities that are already, and will continue to be, provided.

In addition to the calendared meetings, we are hoping that there will be some events and talks which are opened up to a wider audience of students, which will enable more students to benefit from this even if they have not been selected to take part this year. These will be advertised to all relevant students and year groups as and when more information is available.

The first sessions are taking place this half-term for the Year 8/9 and Year 10/11 groups and we hope that all pupils taking part will benefit from and enjoy their involvement in the 1513 Society.