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A Day in the Life Of

Nottingham High School

A day at Nottingham High School involves:

ActivityStart Time     End Time    
Earliest Arrival Time7:45 am 
Reception, Library & ICT open8:00 am 
Breakfast8:15 am8:40 am
Registration8:40 am8:45 am
Assembly8:45 am9:10 am
Lesson 19:15 am10:15 am
Lesson 210:20 am11:20 am
Break11:20 am11:40 am
Lesson 311:40 am12:40 pm
Lunch & Activities12:40 pm1:55 pm
Registration1:40 pm1:50 pm
Lesson 41:55 pm2:55 pm
Lesson 53:00 pm4:00 pm
School Finishes 4:00 pm 
Latest time for pupils in Years 7-11 to leave school (if not in after School Activities)4:30 pm 
ICT Centre, General Office Reception closes5:00 pm 
Library Closes6:00 pm