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Chemistry is at the heart of the traditional scientific disciplines with strong links to both Biology and Physics.

Here at Nottingham High School we value the importance of Chemistry as a practical subject and the combination of excellent laboratory facilities and a dedicated team of specialist teachers, all with a variety of experience in the fields of Chemistry and Education, make Chemistry a popular subject amongst our students right through the school.

The work of Chemists impacts on every facet of human life from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. 

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum, developed in house, provides an excellent introduction to many of the key concepts of the subject through carefully designed experiments and follow-up theory work. Currently, our Key Stage 4 students study the AQA IGCSE Chemistry course which leads on to the AQA Chemistry A-level syllabus in Years 12 and 13.

We are also very proud of the enrichment opportunities that we can offer students to develop their interest in the subject. We send teams of students to a range of Chemistry competitions organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry such as the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry and Top of the Bench. Sixth form students can pit their individual wits by taking the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge in Year 12 or the Chemistry Olympiad paper in Year 13.

For our younger students, our weekly Chemistry club enables pupils to experience a range of bangs and flashes that are not on our regular curriculum.