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Drama and Theatre Studies

Nottingham High School

The Drama Department operates on the principle that the subject can provide a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum for pupils. The pupils are encouraged to reach their potential in a creative and safe environment. 

At present Drama is taught in forms in year 7 and 8 every week, each lesson lasting one hour. In year 9 the pupils choose the subject as part of the option programme and pupils are taught 3 periods over the two week timetable. All lessons in these years include both practical and written work in order to eventually prepare for GCSE work. They build key drama skills and allow pupils to develop by working in small groups, pairs and as individuals.

The GCSE Drama course helps encourage students to explore and actively engage in a wide range of creative and stimulating activities.

Drama enhances students’ ability to become an effective and independent learner, as well as a critical and reflective thinker with an enquiring mind.

The Drama Department follows the AQA syllabus. Coursework relies solely on the practical work produced. However it is a demanding and detailed syllabus that culminates in a 1 hour 30 minutes written exam that is taken in Year 11.

Drama and Theatre Studies is a highly respectable A-level that is valued by all universities, as a subject connected to both the Arts and the Humanities. The Drama Department follows the AQA A-level Drama and Theatre Studies syllabus. This course requires students to develop academic rigor as they explore the theory behind Theatre, while developing skills in acting, designing and directing. Students are expected to engage creatively and collaboratively as artists, analyse and appreciate a wide range of theatrical styles and genres, as well as respond to frequent visits to live theatre. The full specification can be found on the AQA website.

The Department currently consists of two full-time specialists and enjoys the assistance of a full-time Theatre Technician who not only supports the co-curricular projects, but also plays an active role in GCSE lessons and A-level lesson. We are very lucky to have a 240-seat proscenium arch theatre – The Founder Hall Theatre, and a recently refurbished, fully equipped Drama Studio.