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Welcome to a subject which is full of variety. One day we may be exploring personal experience through writing a poem or composing a chapter of an autobiography; another day we may be reading a challenging text, whose rich and subtle language makes it ripe for exploration.

Then there are all the possibilities offered by drama: acting in a scene from a Shakespeare play – or exploring a text through role-play. After that, we could be debating a current issue, writing our own speeches, or listening to the views of others. We could be comparing and analysing the ways in which different sorts of media cover the same story.

English involves all this – and much more.  It all requires energy, alertness and imagination. It may at times seem like hard work, but it should also be fun – at least some of the time. English is important because it helps us develop as perceptive and appreciative readers.

English stretches our creative talents as imaginative writers with a confident grasp of language and technique. It underpins work in most other school subjects, and will continue to be important throughout life.

English is a subject that offers you constant challenge: you will pursue it to the end of your IGCSE studies; then, you have the option of furthering your scholarship, perhaps through the study of English Literature—your opportunity to study the seminal texts of your literary and cultural inheritance, or to discover the hidden ideas of less-well-known works.

You could also study English linguistics through our new English Language A-level specification - looking at how language has evolved to shape meanings and represent users, and debating the values and ideas words embody.

The English Department at Nottingham High School is here to help students develop as successful readers, writers and communicators– and for them enjoy themselves at the same time.