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Learning Support

Nottingham High School

Learning Support at Nottingham High School supports pupils with their academic studies and to develop strategies to become successful, independent learners.

We support pupils with a variety of learning needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and pupils with Asperger’s syndrome. Support programmes are individualised to meet each pupils needs. This may include support to develop key literacy skills such as reading and spelling, to developing their skills in mathematics or if they are struggling in specific subjects.

Support can also focus on helping pupils develop skills which are crucial to successful, independent learning. This can include key study skills such as active reading, note taking, research and composition strategies as well as developing strategies for effective time management and organization. Learning Support also helps pupils to develop effective revision strategies either through individual, small group or year group sessions.

In the Sixth Form, Learning Support follows a similar pattern but with an added emphasis for developing skills which will be needed at university or in the world of work. The Learning Support Department will offer advice and guidance to pupils with support needs as how to access support at university and how to apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowances which can help to fund support at university.

The Learning Support Department works closely with academic departments and teaching staff, offering advice and guidance about strategies which can be used in the classroom to support pupils with learning needs and to help make the School an inclusive environment.

The Learning Support Department is also responsible for ensuring that any examination access arrangements, such as extra time, are applied for and implemented within the High School. The Learning Support Coordinator is a fully qualified Specialist Teacher with a current Assessment Practising Certificate which means they are qualified to assess for examination access arrangements and to diagnose specific learning differences such as dyslexia. 

The Learning Support Department has its own teaching room and is well stocked with multisensory teaching resources to support the High School’s pupils develop the skills needed to be successful learners.