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Nottingham High School

Physics is the study of the universe around us, from the small subatomic particles to the distant galaxies above our head. 

It forms the basis of our modern technologically-based life as its study leads to both Physics and Engineering degrees. Our aim is to try to inspire curiosity about the world around us and either answer as many questions as we can or equip students to find out the answers themselves.  

Some questions we will cover:

  • How can you find out the speed of light using marshmallows and a microwave?
  • As the sky is actually purple why does it appear blue?
  • How come the sun appears red at sunset, yellow during the day, white in space but is really green?
  • What is the Universe?

Physics is a subject that requires experiments and demonstrations to help bring it to life. We have an amazing range of equipment in our four purpose-built Physics Laboratories that allow students to perform experiments often only done as demonstrations in other schools and see demonstrations that would otherwise be only shown on YouTube.