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Religious Studies

Nottingham High School

With our updated Religious Studies curriculum we aim to introduce pupils to religion, ethics and philosophical thought.

Throughout Year 7, pupils are given an understanding of the central principles in the six main world religions, and are introduced to ethical reasoning and ultimate questions. This continues in Year 8 as pupils are encouraged to use their knowledge as they explore the relationship between religion and science, conflict, wealth and poverty, animal rights and beliefs about life after death.

We are part of the Face to Faith video conferencing scheme, and all pupils are given the opportunity to discuss issues with pupils from many different countries. Year 9 are introduced to a deeper understanding of issues such as medical technology and discrimination, as well as different arguments for God's existence.

At GCSE, we will follow the new AQA syllabus which covers Christianity, Buddhism, philosophy and ethics. Our A Level course includes topics such as life, death and beyond, arguments for and against the existence of God and a world faith, and is an excellent base for further education.

During KS3 we are hoping to visit Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre and local places of worship. Our students in Years 10-13 are offered the opportunity to visit Amsterdam to support their GCSE and A Level studies.