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Combined Cadet Forces

Nottingham High School

The Combined Cadet Force can be summed up in one word: opportunity.  Here at the High School the CCF provides students opportunities to learn new skills and to expand their mental and physical horizons.

The CCF is a military sponsored youth organisation that is present in hundreds of schools across the country which benefits thousands of cadets by providing life skills such as confidence, self-disicipline and resourcefulness.  In the words of the CCF Charter,

The broad function of the Combined Cadet Force is to provide a disciplined organisation within a school so that boys and girls may develop powers of leadership by means of training to promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance, and a sense of service to the community.

During CCF Sessions, which run from 4pm to 5.30pm on Monday evenings, the majority of the instruction comes from our Sixth Form NCOs, who provide engaging sessions for younger cadets while developing their own leadership and teaching skills.  We are fortunate to have a large number of dedicated, experienced and skilled staff to support the NCOs and run the Contingent.

The Contingent is made up of three services, the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force, each with its own traditions and specialist programmes of study.  Students opt to join the CCF as their Co-curricular Option in January of Year 9 and follow a term-long recruit training package, after which, they move into their chosen Section. 

There are two major public events for the CCF each academic year, Remembrance Sunday in Nottingham City Centre, and the Annual Review of Contingent at the School site.  Both events are supported by the parents of those students involved and are an opportunity for our cadets to show what they are made of.

Outside of the usual Mondays, each Section provides activities in the School holidays, from Army and RAF Camp, to Royal Navy national camps and tri-service leadership courses.  Those cadets who join the RAF Section are also able to part in flying training, for which they are given time away from the school day.

The list of opportunities available to those cadets in the CCF are endless.  More information can be found using the links below or by contacting Mr Poole.