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Sixth Form Life

Nottingham High School

A time of transition

Your Sixth Form days are a time of transition: from childhood to adulthood; from school to university; from traditional learning to independent study; from rules and regulations to greater freedom and privileges.

Academically, you will want to leave us with excellent A level results and a place to study your preferred course at your chosen University. More broadly speaking, you’ll aspire to become so much more than the sum of your grades: to experience as much as you can beyond the classroom; to learn from the responsibility of leading others; to develop skills and interests that will serve you at university and in the workplace, and friendships that will last for life. Countless students before you have accomplished all this and more at Nottingham High School.

The School Day

07.30Sixth Form centre opens
08.00Reception/Switchboard, Library and ICT Centre open
08.15General Office/Catering Account Office open
08.15 – 08.35Breakfast available in the Dining Hall
08.40 – 08.45Registration in Tutor or Form Groups
08.45 – 09.10Assembly or Tutor Period
09.10 – 09.15Transfer time
09.15 – 10.15Period 1
10.15 – 10.20Transfer time
10.20 – 11.20Period 2
11.20 – 11.40Break
11.40 – 12.40Period 3
12.40 – 13.55Lunch and Activities
13.55 – 14.55Period 4
14.55 – 15.00Transfer time
15.00 – 16.00Period 5
16.00School finishes
17.00ICT Centre, General Office, Reception/Switchboard closes
18.00Sixth Form Centre and Library close